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About Write & Chill

“A book is a dream you hold in your hand, to make it reach out to people is the wish you hold in your heart.” At Write and Chill Publication, we wholeheartedly believe in the power of dreams and the transformative potential of sharing stories. Our mission is to bring your dreams to life and ensure your voice reaches your target audience. Let us join hands so that you become an integral part of our publishing family.

From the moment you entrust us with your manuscript, we become partners on a journey of creativity, collaboration, and success. We don’t simply purchase content; we cultivate authors. We understand that an author’s true place is in the hearts and minds of their readers. Through our dedicated efforts, we strive to build a strong author-reader relationship, fostering a sense of belonging and shared literary passion.

“ At Write and Chill, we are passionate about writing, and our commitment to your success knows no bounds. “

We firmly believe that authors should have the opportunity to relax, unwind, and find inspiration in the world around them. As Joseph Murphy wisely said, “Busy your mind with the concept of harmony, health, peace, goodwill, and wonders will happen in your life.” Therefore, we encourage you to embrace the concept of chilling out, nurturing your creativity, and allowing the wonders of life to inspire your writing journey.

Our team of dedicated professionals will guide you through every step of the publishing process, from editing and proofreading to cover design, formatting, and marketing strategies. We take great care in maintaining the authenticity and integrity of your work, ensuring that your unique voice shines through in every word, sentence, and chapter.

With a thorough understanding of your target audience, we employ effective marketing techniques to promote your book, making it visible to readers who will truly appreciate and resonate with your story. Through our various distribution channels and strategic partnerships, we strive to maximize your book’s reach, bringing it to the hands and hearts of readers worldwide.

At Write and Chill Publication, we view every author as a cherished member of our creative family. We celebrate your achievements and share in your successes. Your dreams matter to us, and together, we will embark on a journey of literary exploration, empowerment, and fulfillment.

So, take a moment to breathe, to find peace amidst the chaos, and allow your creativity to flourish. Write and Chill Publication is here to support you every step of the way, turning your dreams into reality, and ensuring that your voice reverberates throughout the world.

Join us on this incredible adventure, where dreams become books, and books become cherished companions in the hearts and minds of readers.

Write and Chill Publication: Embracing Dreams, Empowering Authors, and Spreading Literary Magic.


Meet Our Team

We at write and chill appreciate any sort of writing and believe in getting a  better marketplace to you. We work together to get your book published.

Vivek Santosh


Sushmita Shrivastava

UI/UX Designer

Er. Ashutosh Sudhanshu

Senior Editor

Our Project Heads

Rekha Kawarpal Yadav

Rekha Yadav is a resident of Rewari district of Haryana and was born in Behror area of ​​Alwar district. Apart from being a housewife, she loves to write she shares her life experiences in form of ghazals, shayari, sarcasm (satire), she has written many poems, short stories, articles, quotes and thoughts etc. In some books like Emotions Ke Darmiyaan, Meri Mitti, Rakhi-Bandhan, I have also been a co-author and she compiled many books like "Betiyan Aur Dahej Ki Kashmaksh" and "Roti ki keemat" which was well received by the people.

Sanjay Yadav

Sanjay Yadav is a resident of Ara district of Bihar. Apart from being a student, he loves to write, he shares his life experiences in the form of ghazals, shayari, satirical (satire), he has written many poems, stories and thoughts etc. In some books like Chand Alfaz Aapke Naam, Dard-e-Arman Aapke Naam, Dil-e-Arman Aapke Naam, Kissa, Maa, Father, Ishq-e-Khamoshi, Dil-e-Rang Aapke Naam, etc and more He has left her mark in many books like "Betiyan Aur Dahej Ki Kashmaksh" and "Roti Ki Price", which were well received by the people.

Dr. Namrata Singh Nami

Reiki Master, Numerologist, Tarot Card reader, worked in Patna University as adhoc. Taught students M.SW. (Master of Social Work) in Patna University and Also running a play school since last 16 years. She is also Secretary of Rotary Club of Patna which was established in 1943 and received best editor award from Rotary Dist. 3250 in 2011-12. Worked as editor for 5 years in Rotary.

Prakash Ranjan

Medico by professionJoined Bharti Vidyapeeth , PuneSocial Activistwith a Artist Insidelikes Poetry , Story Writing ,Music etc.​