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Getting wrong in wishing to be wrong…

The way you know world & its people, how they act & why they do that is sometimes exhausting. You wish to be less knowledgeable about people. You try to acknowledge the feelings of everyone. Why they are behaving like this. What hurt them. You try to find behind their unreasonable behaviour. But, at some extent of time, you get tired. You are a sensitive being not only with yourself but with feelings of others too. You feel hurt when someone else is being hurt. But irony is you feel like a foolish person when same people mock your sadness,your sensitivity with carelessness. You sometimes think being caring, being sensitive is a weakness. The world makes you feel like this. You carry your heart on your sleeves. You don’t demand anything lavish. You just wish to be understood the way you try to understand others. You just expect to carry a load of less expectations from world. The more understanding you become, more understanding is expected from you. ‘You are mature so act with maturity always’ So, being mature, being sensitive is quite costly a few times. Hilarious is the fact, that people who barely know you also expect you to ‘behave’ in a certain way. But you try to be yourself. You try to minimise your expectations from others and wish the same from others too. But you have a feeling that people will not understand you the way you try to understand others. Sometimes,you wish to be proven wrong but you get wrong in wishing to be wrong…


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